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  • Fr, 6. Nov 2020, 19:30 Uhr
  • Fr, 6. Nov 2020, 22:30 Uhr
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Wird verschoben! Franck Carducci & The Fantastic Squad

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The first album « Oddity » was full of promises for the start of an epic journey but it is on stage where he starts to carve his signature – costumes, make-up, psychedelic atmospheres, humour and sensuality. Yes, you think of Genesis, of Alice Cooper and David Bowie, of Led Zeppelin and Pink-Floyd too. But eventually, you will no longer think of anybody else.

Following the release of the highly anticipated « Torn Apart », featuring special guest Steve Hackett (Genesis), the « Tearing the Tour Apart » hit the road in Europe and Franck reinforced his show as one of the most irresistible in the rock scene. 2017 saw the release of a live DVD/BluRay of the tour, which, after about 100 dates, ended with a standing ovation on stage of the Loreley « Night of the Prog » festival in front of 6000 people.

Franck Carducci Torn Apart
Carducci, as Master of Ceremonies, leads his Rock 'n Roll Circus where each of his players embodies a side of his music. Who can explain how a 12 string guitar extra neck would be added to a bass guitar, how a powerful guitar riff would go with a hot belly dance, or a Mellotron solo would end up in a duel with a didgeridoo? Who can also explain how Achilles, guitar and sword in hand, would kidnap a sensual Alice from her Wonderland?
However, let them pick you up and take you in the palm of their hands – you won’t want to leave until the very last note of the concert. Your senses will not be given a second of rest while these characters take you to a place where dreams are kings, emotions are queens and musical genres are crossed with no borders.

September 2017 was the start of « On The Road to Nowhere » where the band won the « Best Overseas Band » award from UK magazine « Classic-Rock Society ».
Immerse yourself into the spectacle and let yourself go as you embark on a journey into a colourful, flamboyant and fun musical universe, which is open and accessible to all.
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«Franck Carducci's latest album is imaginative, varied and strong
and I enjoyed listening to it»
Steve Hackett

«A surrealistic rock circus»
Prog Magazine

«One of the most exciting stage shows around»
The Classic Rock Society


Barth Sky : Electric Guitar,
Olivier Castan : Keyboards
Mary Reynaud : Theremin, Rainstick, Tambourine, Vocals
Lea Fernandez : Drums, Backing Vocals
Franck Carducci : Bass, 12 String Guitar, Vocals​

Event-ID: 9489