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Mi, 22.08.2018, 18:30 Uhr
Mi, 22.08.2018, 22:30 Uhr
Dießemer Str. 13
47799 Krefeld
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Die Krupps & Front Line Assembly

The MACHINISTS UNITED Tour 2018 + Special Guests

Die Krupps & Front Line Assembly

We are proud to announce our double bill event featuring two of the most legendary Electro Industrial bands that have been around for three decades now!

Only twice in their lifetime, the two giants and pioneers of Industrial music team up again after 22 years, to bring the noise to the venues, this time, across Europe:
It is the second time that the two bands share the stage - and it is the first time since they toured the U.S. together back in the 1996.

Both bands lead the industrial movement in their respective territories for decades.
Both bands are lead by charismatic and congenial duos.
Leeb/Fulber at FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, Engler/Dörper at DIE KRUPPS
Both bands have a legacy of classic recordings, which have been mainstays of the genres they have created.

DIE KRUPPS: Stahlwerksynfonie +++ Volle Kraft Voraus +++Final Option +++ Odyssey Of The Mind+++The
Machinists Of Joy+++Metal Machine Music

FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY: Caustic Grip+++Hard Wired+++Civilization+++Improvised Electronic

Don't miss the opportunity to see this very special event: FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY + DIE KRUPPS, united on
stages across Europe, plus special Guest
Event-ID: 9043